Tips to Keep Kids Busy On Weekends

As a parent, it is quite evident that kids get bored easily and as we know, bored children are not happy children. Now that your children are out of school on weekends, you have to look for something that will occupy their time and keep them engaged. With the limited free days kids tend to have due to school activities, weekends become the main highlight of everyone’s week again. If the kids are not kept busy with something, those two days may turn very dull for them. So, as a caring parent, it is your job to find new and interesting activities to keep them fully occupied. You can start by planning each weekend in advance; the moment your kids know they have some fun stuff to look forward to, they will be happier.

Here are some cool suggestions that are sure to come in handy in making your kid’s weekend a blast:

  • Go On A Treasure Hunt: You can prepare a treasure map with clues so the kids can find some treasure you have hidden somewhere in the yard or garden. Now, the treat doesn’t have to all that expensive or extravagant; any little stuff is sure to be exciting and fun when it is found outdoors.
  • Create Your Own Games: Spice up the weekend with some fun games. You can get a supply of colored cards, glue, kid’s scissors or anything else that may come in handy for making some exciting games. Games such as snakes and ladders, Hoopla, Pin The Tail On The Donkey can be made with ease in the comfort of your home, and they are sure to keep your the kids occupied for some time.
  • Go On Fun Picnics: Now the picnic doesn’t have to be sophisticated. You can quickly set up a cool picnic out the garden; bring out whatever you have in the fridge, pack them up in a plastic container, and set it out on a colorful blanket on grass. The kids are sure to enjoy the atmosphere and the tasty sandwiches throughout the day.
  • Go On Nature Walks: Plan a fun nature walk with the kids this weekend. You can choose to go on the beach or in the forest, just be sure that the whole activity is planned out in a fun and exciting way. For instance, on the beach, you can let them collect stones and shells which they can use to make a beautiful shell castle or stone sculptures. Nature walks in the forest can also be fun and adventurous. You can engage them to find different sorts of trees, plants or bugs. To make things more exciting, you can give them the map so they can take the lead. Remember, it’s all about the kids.
  • Paint All Day: Give the kids a chance to express their creativity by painting. Just get large sheets and lots of paint, and let the kids go crazy with their hands and feet (just go with the fun). To reduce the stress, be sure to cover the area with newspaper or plastic and have some water by the side so you can wash when you’re all done.
  • Go Swimming: Do you live close the sea? If yes, try to go swimming with the kids when possible. It is believed that the sea has a calming effect on kids. Also, the amount of energy used while swimming is sure to exhaust them, hence, they won’t be active when they get home.
  • Head To The Library: Pass some time with the kids at your local library. Most libraries offer other cool stuff other than books. After they’re done reading, the kids can visit the children’s corner and have some fun.
  • Give Them Chores: Engage your kids with some little chores. One funny thing about kids is that they enjoy doing chores, you just have to make sure the instructions are clear. For instance, if you’re asking them to clean up the room, you have to tell them where things should go and what not. This is sure to work better if there’s a cool reward for them at the end.
  • Set Up Some Play Dates: This is a very simple and awesome way to keep kids occupied over the weekend. Just organize some play dates and invite friends over. Spending time with their friends is one sure way to keep them busy for hours.

 Well, there you have it, mom. We believe our suggestions are sure to help you figure out how to make those two days a blast for the kids. Remember, happy children are healthy children!

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