Paris: When Is The Best Time To Visit And Why?

Paris is a city that is popularly known as one of the best tourists spots in the whole world as it attracts millions of visitors each year from different parts of the world. According to Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, over 35 million visitors stayed overnight in the French capital in 2008, and the numbers keep growing. With the many super attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, Louvre museum as well as other amazing spots, it is very easy to find more than enough to entertain you and your family.

Taking a look at the high number of tourists, who all happen to have different tastes, desires, and expectations, Paris is sure to be popular year round. As a tourist or visitor, the best time to visit Paris depends on the season. In essence, some seasons are sure to be more attractive to individual visitors than others.

Let’s take a look at what each season offers;


Springtime in Paris is sure to meet the expectations of a first-time visitor. You get to see the thick and lush horse chestnut trees that are lining the Champ-Elysees at this time of the year. Visitors also get to see the many jewel-like flowers that are blossoming throughout the city’s many fantastic parks. At this period, the weather is mild and sunny. The best part is that the streets, museums, and stores are free from the usual summer crowds and there is also a slight chance of getting low-season rates with some airlines and hotels. The major drawback of enjoying Paris in the spring is the inconsistency of the weather; one day it might be sunny and the next day might be windy and rainy.


Summertime in Paris is the time when lots of tourists take over the charming city. Making reservations beforehand is sure to come in handy unless you expect to wait in long lines to view some of the city’s famous attractions. The Parisian summertime weather can get fairly hot, although, the weather might be cool sometimes thanks to the rainy stretches that sneak in from time to time. Visiting Paris in summer is sure to be excellent thanks to the many attractions planned by city officials. For instance, the banks of the river Seine are formed into a large beach during the month of July and August. Now if you are a shopping addict, visiting Paris in summer is sure to come in handy for you like all the stores, ranging from Chanel to Monoprix offer amazing discounts. All in all, Summer is sure to be an excellent time to visit, especially early June when the weather is just about perfect, and the tourists haven’t yet begun to arrive in mass.


Wintertime is a beautiful time to visit Paris if your main activities are dining, nightlife, shopping, and entertainment. Although the days can be cold, it’s not often below freezing. Snow tends to be rare, and as for rain, you’re likely to see much, so always take your umbrella with you at all times. The great thing about wintertime in Paris is that you can settle down at a bistro with a delicious mug of hot chocolate or a steaming cup of warm, spiced red wine. You can also enjoy the tasty, warming winter foods and game-based dishes. The best part is that the hotel and airline prices are at their lowest in this season.


Autumn is sure to be an ideal season to visit Paris. At this time, summer crowds have reduced, and the weather is moderate and dry. The real attraction to visiting Paris in autumn is to enjoy the city and participate in other fun annual events. Tourists can enjoy and take part in yearly events such as the Nuites Blanhes, where all galleries, museums as well as other art related institutions are open to everyone 24/7 for free. According to Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau, prices of hotels can take a dip in this season, mainly around late October and November. The downside of visiting in autumn is that you’ll see some rainy days, but that’s still okay because Paris has a lot to offer indoors.


Christmas season in Paris is also a lovely time to visit thanks to the many decorations around the city. For instance, the Champ-Elysees tend to be fully decorated with fairy lights. At this time, the city tends to be filled with Christmas markets featuring several homemade crafts including hand painted wood toys and knit sweaters. All in all, visiting Paris is sure to be fun for the Christmas season, it’s also the time of the year when airlines and hotel prices tend to rise.

With all that has been said, it is evident to see that Paris is sure to be fun year-round. However, the best months to visit this charming city are May and September, the cheapest months range from November to March. The month that tends to be rife with tourists are the summer months. So there you have folks, it’s up to you to decide which season works for you and your family.


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