Benefits of Discount Codes, Voucher Codes, and Promo Codes

There are very real benefits to discount, voucher, and promo codes, both for the customer using the code and for the business giving out the code. But what exactly are these codes and how can they be used?

What Are Discount Codes, Promo Codes, and Voucher Codes?

Most people will lump these three things together. While they all are very similar, there are some minor differences between these three different types of codes. A discount code will often be provided for one specific product (though they can be for a line of products or for everything on the merchant’s ecommerce store. A promo, on the other hand, is usually given for a very specific reason.

“Promo” is short for “promotional.” These codes are created to generate more interest in that merchant. They, too may be just for a specific product or for free shipping or another, similar reason. Vouchers are essentially the same role, though the term “voucher” is often used to delineate a specific kind of code that provides the user with something for free.

Benefits of These Codes for Customers

The biggest and most obvious benefit for customers is being able to buy something at a discounted price. Savvy shoppers who are looking to purchase a specific item from a specific merchant will often go looking for a discount code in order to be able to get that same item at a lower price. Those who are on a specific budget or simply love saving money will love being able to find promo codes for the stores they often buy from.

Benefits of These Codes for Merchants

There are also very real benefits for merchants who offer these kinds of codes. A promo code can help draw more people to your online store, even those who would not have shown interest in your store had they not found the promo code. A code can also help to encourage someone who is reluctant to make a purchase to follow through and actually buy something. A discount, even a small discount, will make the customer feel like they are getting a deal, which incentivizes them to purchase something and, often, even to spend more money.

Discount codes, voucher codes, and promo codes are a great way for your customers to save a little bit of money, while still buying something from your ecommerce store.

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