How To Pack A Romantic Winter Picnic

Winter is here again, and the truth is it doesn’t have to be long and dark. Although many see winter as a miserable season filled with cold days, rain and gloomy skies, it can still be a time of sweet love between you and your boo. An excellent winter picnic must be properly planned so you can make the most out of the scenic view of the beautiful winter sunset. You might also consider a location for its amazing wildlife. Little things can melt a lady’s heart like lovely forest creatures scampering from place to place. Always remember to check the weather reports so as to avoid a blizzard during your romantic winter picnic. This is crucial.

The warmer months are popularly known for doing everything outdoors. But after some time, it’s sure to get old, why not spice things up a little bit by planning a romantic Winter picnic with your loved one. With sound planning, warm gear and an adventuresome attitude, a winter picnic can be just as fantastic as the summer one. Planning or packing a romantic winter picnic is sure to be an exciting experience for both you and your lover. Here are a few tips to make the picnic a blast.

  • First Things First: Get The Ultimate Winter Picnic Basket

Now that you’re set to go on a lovely winter picnic date with your partner be sure to invest in the ultimate picnic hamper. Baskets range from basic to the fanciest that includes every fun thing you can imagine. The most basic picnic basket will come with necessities like plates, cutlery and drinking glasses. All these things are sure to come in handy both for the present and future picnics with your significant other.

If you got the cash, you could go for the extravagant ones that come with quality cooking utensils, insulated cooling sections as well as high-quality eating tools. You can also get a picnic hamper that comes loaded with your favorite snacks and wine so your date can be fun all the way. All these things are very useful for the time you plan to spend with your partner, so be sure to choose the one that meets your needs and budget.

  • Wintertime Necessities

Remember it’s winter. Since the freezing weather is inevitable, be sure to bring your warm clothing and don’t forget your mufflers. Most times a winter picnic can be romantic with a mild drizzle of snow, in the same vain, you sure do not want to get caught in a thundering hailstorm. So, to make the lovely day more delightful, be fully prepared in case the weather turns nasty. Get your blankets, umbrella, flashlight and matches. Speaking of matches or lighters, you can kick the warmth up the notch by building a little fire so you and your partner can be more comfortable and relaxed. Just as you keep yourselves warm, be sure to do the same for your food, so try to plan in advance so you can enjoy your time together. Remember, everything has to be perfect!

  • Stock Some Tasty Treats

As we mentioned earlier, some picnic hampers will come loaded with lots of edible treats; you still need to bring some extra goodies to spice up your winter picnic date. Since it’s winter, be sure to think warm. Steamy stews and soups are ideal for keeping you and your loved one warm all through the date.

Now, when it comes to packing foods for a romantic picnic, be sure to take foods that don’t need much assembling and what not. Always go for foods that are easy to eat. Finger foods like chicken strips are perfect for this; you can also stock some tasty sandwiches and burritos. You can also consider a warm dish like baked beans or creamy clam chowder. The whole idea is for you to bring foods that are easy and tasty. Just be creative with your food choices and make your date a blast.

Don’t Forget The Warm Mulled Wine and Some Hot COCO

When it comes to romantic winter picnics, nothing can be quite spectacular like the perfect drink. Your romantic winter picnic is sure to be when you add mulled wine and hot coco to the fancy hamper. Mulled wine is an excellent winter warmer, and it can be easily prepared beforehand and stored in your thermos for the perfect picnic top off. Your hot mulled wine is sure to go we with any picnic treat.

A piece of advice: get your little fire ready and try some homemade hot coco coupled with roasted marshmallows. This is sure to be perfect for the romantic picnic.

So far we have looked at how you can prepare for the most romantic Winter picnic. We believe our suggestions are sure to come in handy in making your date a blast. If you want to make your romantic picnic extra special, you can rent a couple of horses or a nice snowmobile. It’s all about love, so make sure everything counts. Here’s to a blissful love life.

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