Seven Sure Tips To Keep Your House Warm In Winter

As winter seems to be fast approaching everyone needs to know how they can keep their home safe from the harsh effects it brings. Keeping your lovely home warm in the winter is vital for the health and vitality of your family, so you need to prepare your house to battle the plummeting temperature so everyone can remain warm and snugly. Now you may be wondering how to keep your home this winter without spiking the energy bills. Here are a few tips that are sure to come in handy in maintaining the warmth even when it gets freezing cold outside.

1. Let The Sunlight In

Nature can also offer a helping hand in making sure your house stays warm. This is one if the easiest heating tips out there and it is also effective. Just get up early and open the windows and let the sunlight warm your home whenever you’re indoors, or you can also let the sun permeate your house all through the day while you’re at work. The sunlight will slowly heat up the rooms even with shut windows. Always remember to close your windows at night as this is when the temperature will drop.

2. Get Programmable Thermostats

You can also boost the central heating to work more efficiently while you’re indoors or outdoors thanks to this smart piece of technology. For a small installation fee, you can reduce your energy bill significantly each month by lowering the temperature of your home while you’re away. Programmable thermostats can keep your home warm enough while you’re at work to make your kids and pets happy. Also, when you finally get home, you can adjust it to a more comfortable temperature.

3. Shut The Curtains At Night

It’s great to open the curtains at daytime, especially sunny days so your house can get warmed up naturally. Nevertheless, you should remember to keep them closed at night as this will help trap the heat inside the room so that it won’t escape through the windows. Thick curtains are sure to come in handy here.

4. Get Thermal or Insulated Curtains

Making use of insulated curtains is a sure way of preventing warm air from leaving your house. These curtains are specifically crafted keep warmth in and cold out, and I believe that’s what you want this winter. This also implies that these curtains prevent air conditioning from escaping the home, and that is sure to be a win-win situation for you and the family. The curtains look pretty much like your regular curtain, and their prices differ according to the level of insulation, aesthetic design, and durability.

5. Switch To Reverse Fan Mode

Most ceiling fans have a particular setting specially designed for winter months. I’m sure you must have heard or come across this setting on ceiling fans. The switch will reverse the direction of the fan blades from counterclockwise to clockwise causing the hot air trapped up at the roof to be pushed down. Also, ensure to set the fan at low speed and not otherwise or else it may cool the hot air.

6. Ensure Your Vents Are Free From Any Obstructions

Move around your house and inspect all heating vents to see if there are things blocking the way such as furniture or plants. It may be that you rearranged the furniture in summer and placed them right in front of vent openings. So try to double check these places to ensure they are free of any obstruction that may disrupt or block the flow of air.

7. Remember To Cover The Wooden Floors

Although wooden floors may not feel too cold on your feet, if they are not properly insulated, you may lose heat in the room. In a case where you don’t have floor vents, rugs and carpet can do a great job in keeping your room warmer by preventing warm air from escaping via the floorboards. So when winter is approaching, get your carpets and lay them on the wooden floor and your home will thank you.

Besides making use of these tips, you may also have to get a professional HVAC technician to double check your heating system before the start of winter. Doing this will keep your home warm and cozy all throughout the winter months. All in all, I hope these above-listed tips help you and your beautiful family to stay warm and comfortable in the freezing winter months. Here’s to warmth and comfort.

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